4 ianuarie 2009

The Last Man Trailer (2008)

The Last Man a fost filmat pe un buget in jurul a 7.500$, dar avand in vedere aceasta notiţă, cred ca arata destul de bine.

Actori/Actors: Santiago Craig, Teresa Shade, Julio Garcia, Tom Rogers, Courtney Davis, Maxine Gillespie, Denise Blum, Madison Elsner, Kevin Lucero Less, Roy C. Patterson, Zelieann Rivera, Roger Rogel, Josh Weiss.

Producatori/Producers: Gabriele Andres, Paul Adkins, James Arnett, Francisco Guerra, Daniel Hernandez, Kevin Lucero Less, Bruno Tony Loya, Thomas Maguire, Edd Vinci, Robert A. Wolf, Original Music by, Robert A. Wolf

Cinematografie/Cinematography: James Arnett
Film Editing: James Arnett
Art Direction: Paul Adkins
Makeup Department: Francisco Guerra, Daniel Hernandez

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Paul Adkins, Janet Lynn Henderson, Robert Linden, Deanna Martinez, Justin Mashouf, Mikal Mullaly, Zelieann Rivera, Edd Vinci

Sound Department: Jason Canfield, Kevin Lucero Less.
Special Effects: Kevin Lucero Less.
Visual Effects: Gerren Ard, James Arnett.
Stunts: Gerren Ard, Dominique Borrego, Sam Doane, Robert Linden, John Lushbaugh, Keith Lushbaugh, Tyler Steffenson

The Last Man - Official Trailer (2008)

Story Line: Lionel Verney is an orderly at University Hospital when the plague decimates the population of Tucson, Arizona. Within weeks, Tucson is reduced to a ghost town, littered with corpses and the few survivors who suffer from dementia, blindness and open pox sores. Without the ability to search and find food, the blind and diseased turn to cannibalism in order to survive. Those few who can still see, and are well enough to find food on their own, become the masters of the blind dependent upon them for their survival. Lionel remains the last uninfected man, apparently immune to the effects of the plague. He quickly discovers that his 21st century morals and humanitarian values lead him down the road to extinction in the year "one" of the new world left behind by the pandemic. Once Lionel is forced to fight for his survival by raiding the food stockpiled by the diseased, he becomes known and dreaded for his violence against them. He becomes the creature of their nightmares; to the diseased, Lionel is "The Devil". But once the diseased begin to organize themselves into clans, Lionel discovers that they are changing, evolving into something not exactly human anymore, leaving him the last man on Earth at war with a new species of hominoid battling for dominance over the face of the world.

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Ink Justice spunea...

psss nasol de tot...dar la bugetul al care ii facut ...man...merge bine...il recomand pt fanii impatimiti ai Lion's Gate si other lower productions, exactly their style...povesti imposibile, in care ramane doar un om, si lupta pentru supravietuire cu altii 100 de milioane, tot globul mai bine zis...eh, e bine totusi ca omul are o strategie, un plan, asta e interesant, la presiunea la care e supus, mai gaseste de cale sa izbuteasca planuri...pfff...filmele astea au devenit un cliseu, un tipar deja, we allready know what the movie is about even before we see it...so...prin urmare, concluzia este: nu m-as duce sa vad filmul asta nici daca as fii The Last Woman :)