23 decembrie 2007

Grey Holiday

Grey Holiday este o trupa noua aparuta pe piata americana in doemniul muzicii Crestine Contemporane, si se bucura de acest lucru urcand pe locul 5 in top cu piesa "Let Go", puteti asculta cateva din melodiile lor aici Daca va place puteti lasa un comentariu cu o impresie despre ei. mai multe despre ei cititi aici: "Grey Holiday broke the top 5 at R&R CHR this week with its debut single, “Let Go.” On Tuesday, November 13, 2007, after receiving a call from the radio station, the guys were able to make a last-minute change to their busy schedule, and perform a brownbag concert for KSBJ in Houston, Texas. The band frantically arrived at 7 PM, which is when the show was supposed to begin. KSBJ pushed the start-time back to 7:30. Despite no soundcheck and blowing a circuit breaker, the guys rocked the house and made a ton of new fans."

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